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Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting Retail LED Lighting

Improve your bottom line with commercial LED lighting solutions. LED lights last longer, put out less heat and use 80% to 90% less energy than traditional lighting. Save money on utility bills, maintenance, heating and cooling costs and more. Full LED retrofits and changeouts are available for any size business. Green Lighting uses lighting design programs to develop a plan that properly illuminates your space, makes your business more attractive to customers and displays your product in the best light. Contact us to get started.

Lighting accounts for about a third of the energy costs of running a small business. Then add in the cost and hassle of replacing bulbs and the additional expense of cooling to compensate for high heat generated by standard bulbs. Switching to LEDs means significant savings in all these areas. If your business is located in a historic district, LED lighting reduces the load on older wiring making it a perfect choice to prolong the life of your electrical system. The ease of pairing LEDs with digital controls give you additional money-saving abilities by utilizing Intelligent Lighting options. For example, divide your space into zones that dim or turn off when not in use. LED light output can be based on the amount of natural sunlight entering the space, so the energy draw isn’t at 100% all the time.

LED lighting will not only make your space more inviting, but can be used to increase sales. Show your product accurately without a color cast. Direct your customer’s attention exactly where you want it with focused beams of light. Guide your customers through your business simply by using various LED lighting options. Strengthen brand association by strategically placed lighting the same colors as your logo. Lighting is a necessity, but also a great marketing tool. We can discuss these ideas and more. Give Green Lighting a call.

LED Warehouse Lighting Commercial Lighting

LED lights are well known for their energy savings, but in addition to lowering overhead costs, LEDs can increase safety and improve productivity. Green Lighting uses lighting design programs and Intelligent Lighting for maximum efficiency. We have extensive experience with highbay lighting and understand the unique considerations to develop a plan to properly illuminate your warehouse facility. Full LED retrofits and changeouts are available as well as maintenance contracts to keep your warehouse brightly lit.

Lighting is often the largest percentage of energy usage in a warehouse. Converting to LEDs can save you up to 80% of your current lighting costs and has an average ROI of only two years. LEDs also emit significantly less heat saving you money on summer air conditioning costs that in Texas can be significant. A great solution for older buildings, the reduced electrical load of LED lighting can prolong the longevity of your electrical system. There is no warm-up period. Flip a switch and you have full brightness immediately. The longevity of LED bulbs compared to standard bulbs means lower maintenance hassels and downtime. Durable, LEDs can take the abuse of an active workplace.

Better visibility not only reduces workplace accidents, but can result in fewer employee errors due to misread information when pulling product. Choose an LED light temperature closer to daylight to reduce eyestrain and improve the alertness of your employees. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss an LED conversion or new warehouse facility or in Texas.


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