The pandemic brought sweeping changes that we couldn’t have foreseen and temporary closures turned permanent for businesses big and small. Texas has officially re-opened the state, but moving forward in this new normal requires those that survived continue to adapt and change. We at Green Lighting would like to share ways that LED lighting can improve your bottom line.

Lighting accounts for around a third of the energy costs of running a small business. If you aren’t already using LEDs both inside and out, you can reduce your energy usage from lighting by 80% or more from what you currently spend on incandescent lighting. Now add in the cost and hassle of replacing standard bulbs. Installed correctly, LEDs have a lifespan of 15 years versus an average of 3 months for incandescents. The following cost savings from switching to LED lighting in your retail setting is less obvious. Most of the energy used by incandescent bulbs is in the form of excessive heat rather than just usable light. LEDs emit significantly less heat saving you money on summer air conditioning costs. In Texas, that can be significant. It also makes LEDs safer if touched. Combined, all these cost saving measures add up to a significant reduction in your utility bills. Plus your ROI is generally around 2 years. Green Lighting offers Full LED retrofits and changeouts available for any size business.

You can go even further. The ease of pairing LEDs with digital controls offer additional money-saving abilities by utilizing Intelligent Lighting options. For example, divide your space into zones that use motion sensors. When certain areas are not in use the lights will dim or turn off altogether. Photo sensors can monitor the amount of natural sunlight entering the space, and base the LED light output on that, so the energy draw isn’t at 100% all the time.

If you are already using LED lighting are you using it effectively? Lighting is a necessity, but it is also a great marketing tool that will not only make your space more inviting, but can be used to increase sales. Humans in general respond to visual cues on a subconscious level. Ever walk into a store and something just feels off? It may well be the quality of the light creating a color cast in the space on everything including the product. LED lighting can approximate daylight and show your product in the best possible lighting conditions. You can also combine different LED lighting options to lead your customers through your retail space. Use uplighting at the entry point for drama or to visually frame product groupings along long walls. Draw attention to new product by using a highly focused beam of light from above. Strengthen brand association by strategically placed lighting the same colors as your logo throughout the space.

Green Lighting uses lighting design programs to develop a plan that properly illuminates your space, makes your business more attractive to customers and displays your product in the best light. We want your business to succeed. Give Green Lighting a call to discuss these ideas and more.