COVID has changed our lives in a multitude of ways. Change, good or bad, can lead to increased stress and no one can argue that the past year hasn’t been one of the most chaotic for so many in recent history. The lines between home, work and school have blurred as we struggle to adjust. Creating a separate space to relax can help your emotional and physical health and the perfect place for an oasis is right outside your own door.

Don’t just take our word for it. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress activates our body’s fight-or-flight response. Regular stress relief is needed to reset that signal. Without that, the body remains in an agitated state which over time causes serious health issues. Hospitals around the world are installing and studying the impact of healing gardens on both their patients and staff and seeing positive impacts for both.

Any size outdoor space can be beneficial to you and your family. Anger, anxiety and pain reduction starts after as little as three to five minutes spent outside with trees, flowers or water. The harsh Texas sun and heat can make your outdor space uncomfortable during part of the year, but once the sun goes down you can enjoy your garden in a whole new light. Use landscape lighting to visually transform your space. The difference is literally day and night.

Consider not only plants and flowers, but sculpture, koi ponds and fountains. Your garden should reflect what makes you and your family happy. Add whimsical elements for a touch of humor. Humor may be what you need or it could be a minimalistic, orderly space. Environmentally friendly LED lights, cooler to the touch, are safer for both landscape and aquatic plants as well as fish. LEDs attract lower numbers of insects than other light sources. They also come in a rainbow of colors. Color can be used to alter your emotional state. Remote-controlled, color-changing LEDs allow you to vary the lighting to suit your mood.

Try a Moon Garden by incorporating white or light-colored flowers and plants with silver foliage. These glow at night when lit and create a magical scene. Design a complete experience. Be led to the soothing sounds of trickling water by artistically placed pathway lights. Accent lights can illuminate dramatic plants, trees or sculpture as you meander along the path. Underwater lighting highlights beautiful koi fish swimming among aquatic plants in a pond. Water trickling down a fountain sparkles. Downlights hidden in the trees create the feel of moonlight throughout the scene. Don’t forget seating areas spaced aroung your yard to stop, relax and take in the enchanting views.

Contact Green Lighting to learn how LED lighting can help you create your own healing oasis.