Did you know that LED conversions for tennis courts typically result in reducing lighting costs by 85%? That bears repeating. An 85% reduction in your lighting energy usage simply by changing the type of lighting used. LEDs also last significantly longer than halogen lights resulting in lower replacement and maintenance costs as well. The up front expense of a conversion may seem high at first, but the return on your investment can take as little as 2 years. From there, it’s money in your pocket.

There’s more to consider than dollars saved. What about light pollution? In residential areas, nighttime light pollution negatively impacts residents and no one truly wants to anger their neighbors. Spill over light could also temporarily blind drivers on nearby roadways creating the potential for traffic accidents. LED lights allow you to create very focused beams of light that can fully illuminate each court without spilling onto nearby courts or beyond.

From a tennis players point of view, LEDs have significant advantages as well. There is no warm-up period. Flip a switch and you have full brightness immediately rather than waiting 15 minutes for halogen lights to reach full intensity. They provide a high level of uniform lighting. Uneven lighting can affect a player’s ability to track the ball impacting their performance and enjoyment of the game. LED lighting simulates full daylight. Play anytime without eye strain. Here’s a big one for Texas. For outdoor play, prime tennis season corresponds with prime insect season be it June bugs, mosquitos or the yearly cricket invasion to name a few. All making play challenging as you swat them instead of the ball. LED lights emit little light in the UV range and a lot less heat, both of which attract insects. While no light is truly insect proof, LEDs have the lowest insect attraction rate.

There are different classifications of illumination based on the level of play from international tournaments, to local club matches to recreational only. Each with their own specific qualifications. Green Lighting can provide a lighting design meeting the requirements of the classification you specify.

The chips within LED lights can be damaged by persistent heat reducing their lifespan. Though the bulbs themselves are cool, the Texas summer sun can definitely be an issue and one that we will address to give your LED lights the longest life possible. Our optional maintenance contracts provide additional services such as transformer maintenance, cleaning fixtures, removing debris and much more so you don’t have to lift a finger just your racket. Contact Green Lighting today to discuss your new tennis court project or conversion to LED lighting.